The walk in the Desert

Am alone
Finally the time has come
To be alone

I am alone
And being alone
I am filled
As never before.

The fear of being alone
Has taken flight…away…far and away

And forgotten
Are what the joys of trappings gave.
Lost in a sea of wheat
Leaving but a scant trace of memories
Of sounds harsh and brutal
That had constantly assailed my head
Striking with slogan and obsolescent desires, past their due date…
Their constance more agressive and oppressive
As if I were
But another bit of produce to be consumed
And discarded.

The void is plentiful
And plentiful is the Void
None can feed me
For I am beyond food
I savor the essence
Of who I am ;
Now that’s a good meal
The secluded silence,
And in the cavernous refuge of my heart
I observe the flaming magma
And see humanity rise
And gorge itself in a decadant feast
Where each one dies of his own faulty illusions
A fleeting moment of agony that shirks responsibility
Rendered ironic
In a spent universe

I am no-one
And That
Is fine!