Ascention is the descent
Into one’self
As absurd as it may seem
The rude shore
Seems to nail the note
Even if an ocean of expression
Is at our doors,
The passage is mined and padlocked
This descent into hellish realms
In the oblivousness of lost memories
Dug up and crushed underfoot
Veiled by Gods and Demons
Incesssantly hammering to
Keep the beast awake
When, really he has nothing to do with it
Beneath the weight of stigmatae
It seems disproportionate
But each forteress
Has its flaw
And between the walls
There is always the void
That murmurs
This space into wich you can escape handily
Breathe deeply for today, the time that
You had made
Is gone
The present is at your feet
You are eternity
Your past
Has become obsolete
And despite seemly
You can and must rise up