Archive: Jul 2014

  1. The walk in the Desert

    Am alone
    Finally the time has come
    To be alone

    I am alone
    And being alone
    I am filled
    As never before.

    The fear of being alone
    Has taken flight…away…far and away

    And forgotten
    Are what the joys of trappings gave.
    Lost in a sea of wheat
    Leaving but a scant trace of memories
    Of sounds harsh and brutal
    That had constantly assailed my head
    Striking with slogan and obsolescent desires, past their due date…
    Their constance more agressive and oppressive
    As if I were
    But another bit of produce to be consumed
    And discarded.

    The void is plentiful
    And plentiful is the Void
    None can feed me
    For I am beyond food
    I savor the essence
    Of who I am ;
    Now that’s a good meal
    The secluded silence,
    And in the cavernous refuge of my heart
    I observe the flaming magma
    And see humanity rise
    And gorge itself in a decadant feast
    Where each one dies of his own faulty illusions
    A fleeting moment of agony that shirks responsibility
    Rendered ironic
    In a spent universe

    I am no-one
    And That
    Is fine!

  2. Illusion

    The experiences that crossed my path
    Are not the fruits of chance,
    They are of me,
    Created by me
    This table of contents is who I am.
    I am curious
    Of the those that are yet to be.
    The knowledge that in reality
    My consciousness, my perception of God
    Or, whatever you want to call it
    Is simply myself,
    In all things
    The belief, the mocking illusions
    Inside of which
    We are
    Held by You

  3. Ascention

    Ascention is the descent
    Into one’self
    As absurd as it may seem
    The rude shore
    Seems to nail the note
    Even if an ocean of expression
    Is at our doors,
    The passage is mined and padlocked
    This descent into hellish realms
    In the oblivousness of lost memories
    Dug up and crushed underfoot
    Veiled by Gods and Demons
    Incesssantly hammering to
    Keep the beast awake
    When, really he has nothing to do with it
    Beneath the weight of stigmatae
    It seems disproportionate
    But each forteress
    Has its flaw
    And between the walls
    There is always the void
    That murmurs
    This space into wich you can escape handily
    Breathe deeply for today, the time that
    You had made
    Is gone
    The present is at your feet
    You are eternity
    Your past
    Has become obsolete
    And despite seemly
    You can and must rise up

  4. The Rope

    What Joy
    I’ve finally cut off my mother’s head
    And she smiles a toothy smile
    I choppped up my father
    With the blade I honed
    With sarcasm he laughs
    His smell of old Tobacco
    Floats in the air
    Like an eternal flame.
    Finally from within my bowels can I be born
    From so many years of putrification
    Idiotic suffering
    Neurotic sex
    Fear upon fear
    In a whirlwind of incomprehension
    And all of this for some supposed moral code
    Pounded into my head
    With pick and spade
    And sacrosantly illusions
    Abuse, incest, rape,
    Stowed away beneath
    The violence of the depraved
    The secret : the hidden truth
    The joy that bursts
    Like fireworks
    And a dance like
    Stroke of lightning
    That splits a tree
    Before my eyes
    A tree so deeply roote D
    Branches reaching out
    To the azure sky
    The time that is to be is nothingness
    And even less time behind
    The présence of what is
    Pushes aside all of this shit
    Splashing around in my mouth
    Oceans of tears
    Have not managed to put out this flame
    That dances since time immortal
    This laughter that pushes aside
    The sarcasm the gossip
    The claws that tear to the bone
    Leaving inpenetrable fussows
    Filled with gravel and bituminous silvered inibriation
    Reality has never held such beauty
    Eyes wide open
    In this squallid labyrinth
    That manifests is grandeur

  5. Words

    That day
    In and on your mouth
    The words
    That day
    On your tongue
    Cannot conjure
    The dance of your soul
    You can turn them
    Every which way, and
    Beg them to lay you down
    They only grind your teeth
    And choke furiously.

    Like a cluster of embers
    Stuck in your throat
    The words coagulate
    Like dried blood
    Instead of bearing
    The fear, the mangled tears
    Buried deep,
    Only to be
    Once again

    How long until
    You dance the freedom that is yours
    How long still,
    Until until you decide to dance what is your pride
    Can you see this but one choice?
    Can you see your smile appear?

    The choice is yours…
    So choose
    The words on your mouth
    The words on your tongue
    The words, the day
    The day that fulfills…
    So many choices
    Before you, so
    Let yourself dance,
    Silken is your mouth
    Enlivening, your tongue
    Your words are the full day.
    Your sex is joy
    When love fills your words

    So choose

  6. In essence

    In essence
    We are together
    I am a virtual shadow
    That exists because you exist
    Without you, the shadow that I am vanishes
    Your luminescence allows me to be
    To be a perfect shadow
    And the shadow that I am
    Stretches into the
    Fathomless place where
    You are in this moment
    The web-screen is but a condition of tangible consciousness
    I am no longer alone in my salon
    On a Saturday night
    You have always been there in equilibrium
    With little need for reasoning
    I know now that I can look forward and back
    Casting our beings accross time
    In essence
    We are together
    A people born
    Of a nation
    Of a Planet
    Of this humanity of women
    Of men
    That has finally found itself.

  7. Behind you

    I am with you
    Every where you go
    I am always behind you
    Tracing your summons
    To other informal realms

    I am the death
    That gives you life

    I am the joy
    That makes you cry

    I am the hate
    That makes you love

    I am the she
    You do not think you are

    I am the passage
    Through your gates

    I am the she
    who casts a spell and fulfills you

    For I alone
    Truly believe
    In you

  8. Your gaze

    The heavens are the endless depth of your gaze as
    It strips and bares my soul

    I want to immerse myself in you,
    For there, I meet my endless self

    You quiver at the merest brushing of my hands on your skin

    You shudder and flutter like a leaf torn from a mighty tree

    Your blood is so hot and your skin so moist
    That I am a king quenched at your spring

    Liquid, you bear me down rivers to hidden oceans of refined subtlety

    You are of the untamed .
    As am I
    We are divine

  9. The other elsewhere

    I root myself in the sky
    I sit on my feet
    In my stomach
    Buttherflies spin
    The world exclaims a mouthful of air
    A chant of mystery
    Touching an unbridled love
    Of the unfathonable

    I am the drunkenness
    Of the perfect stranger
    The love of the unseemly
    A relentless wind in the sails
    Rowing like a mad fool
    I can sense destiny
    Weaving its path
    Perhaps even vivacious
    Conjuring the present
    And the wondrous capacity
    Of letting me love
    Who I am

  10. A state of presence

    When what the veil once held
    Turns to mist
    And suddenly the expanse
    Reveals all of its charms and candor
    My imagination is guided
    By my stomach
    My feet
    That dig into
    The sprawling spectrum of
    Color that breathes.
    Nothing moves
    Or bounces,
    A weightless presence
    A boulder that naught could budge
    A tree
    Emanation of a
    Thousand years of beauty
    And surging out of the genetic
    Nucleus of memory;
    A twin
    That reconfigures
    The structure of my spine
    A quick writhing serpent
    Of waves and particles
    Slaps my recognition
    Into a laugh,
    And in this absurd
    Laughter, I leap
    Out of myself,
    Out of the box
    So tiny…
    I had forgotten
    That I was the one
    Had made it.