Archive: Jun 2014

  1. Words

    A Sheet for the Princess
    30″ x 40″ Acrylic on canvas. 2009


    That day
    on your mouth
    The words
    That day
    On your tongue
    Cannot conjure
    The dance of your soul
    You can turn them
    Every wich way,
    Beg them to lay you down
    They only grind your teeth
    And choke with fury.

    Like a cluster of embers
    Stuck in your throat
    The words coagulate
    Like dried blood
    Instead of bearing
    The fear, the mangled tears
    Buried deep,
    Once again

    How long until
    You dance the freedom that is yours
    How long still,
    Until until you decide to dance your pride
    Do you see this but one choice?
    Do you see your smile appear?

    The choice is yours…
    So chose
    The words on your mouth
    The word on your tongue
    The words, the day
    The day that fulfills…
    So many choices
    Before you, so
    Let yourself dance,
    Silken is your mouth
    Enlivening, your tongue
    Your words are the full day.
    Your sex is joy
    When love fills your words
    So choose

  2. Your gaze

    Ton Essence/ Your Essence 24’’ x 36 ‘’Acrylique sur toile Photo Pierre Crépô 1 380$

    Your Essence
    24″ x 26″ Acrylic on canvas

    Your gaze

    The heavens are the endless depth of your gaze as
    It strips and bares my soul

    I want to immerse myself in you,
    For there, I meet myself with no end

    You quiver at the merest bushing of my hands on your skin

    You shudder and flutter like a leaf torn from a mighty tree

    Your blood is so hot and your skin so moist
    That I am a king quenched at your spring

    Liquid, you bear me down rivers to hidden oceans of refined subtlety

    Your are of the untamed .
    As am I
    We are divine

  3. FIMA, June 2014

    Anima  / Animus

    Anima, Animus
    36″ x 48″ Acrylic on canvas. 2012

    Participation at FIMA (festival international Montreal en Art)
    FIMA 15th year – an edition under the theme « to Live together »