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  1. The centre is us.

    Le vagin simple comme l’enfer Vagina Simple as Hell
    Le vagin simple comme l’enfer / Vagina Simple as Hell, acrylic on canvas

    The center is us

    Rallying the minds,
    The creative minds,
    The foundations are cast in pain,
    This pain engraved in our genes,
    Which I inhibited,
    And which hurts my whole body,
    From all those ancients, piled-up centuries,
    I needed this for survival,
    With no inhibition,
    I would not be here today,
    But if I want to survive now,
    I have to let it live,
    Drag it straight up from the abyss,
    I just have to feel it,
    In the bottom of my soul,
    The bottom of my being,
    Feeling the pain embracing me,
    In front of this outrageous world,
    In flagrant decline,
    Its futile warfare for gold,
    All its vain knowledge leading straight to,
    The brink of Apocalypse,
    This terrifying, haunting dread,
    That crushes me, deep inside,
    Like a memory turning me to stone,
    Body devastated by fear, of my Forebears,
    Taking action,
    Ever the hardest thing to do,
    Exhausting, oppressive,
    Starting over, forever,
    Fighting against myself,
    So hard is the descent into darkness,
    In my own cave without light,
    Lost in the cold depths of my soul,
    Facing the fear of everlasting death,
    Who am I ?
    Where did I get lost ?
    On my road to survival,
    I killed, I raped, I slashed and I slaughtered,
    I negated my light, for cheap rags, for junk food,
    So as not to suffer,
    Forever clutching the sword,
    Destroying all along my path,
    As if the death of my neighbour,
    Was the wage of my survival,
    Oh, what a brute I am,
    I am the Beast,
    The provoker, the predator !
    An animal takes only,
    What it needs to survive,
    But I destroy all along my way,
    Leaving nothing behind,
    For anybody,
    My damned ancestors !
    Horrific sights,
    I walk on the skulls of my own children,
    I enjoy the transient,
    Talking myself into,
    My unreasonable reason,
    I am the warrior,
    Dismayed in front of my mother,
    Kneeling in front of my father,
    Unable to look at my own face,
    I am Homo sapiens,
    Suicidal, hanging from his shadow.

    Baudoin Wart, septembre 2013
    Translation Michel Pouliot